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Anything else you would like to know? Feel free to get in touch and ask any question you might have. 

  • Where do you get you diamonds and gemstones from?
    When I buy gems and diamonds I get as close to ethical and reliable sources as possible. Over the years I have built relationships with miners, cutters and dealers all over the world to ensure I get the best possible stones, at the best possible value and the best possible transparency and traceability.
  • Do you ship worldwide ?
    Essentially, yes. Major countries and cities are shipped to with ease and for free or a small charge. However some countries may pose further challenges and risks and therefore may require additional steps and costs to ship. Please feel free to ask about specific shipping to your country. Higher value pieces may require hand delivery in person.
  • Do you do engagement rings?
    Absolutely yes. In fact its my speciality! Whatever your partners dream ring may be, you and I can create something special that exceeds all expectations. I can wok with you on your design ideas and source the perfect diamond or gemstone to suite your desires and budget, how about a rare Sri Lankan padparadscha sapphire, an exquisite Columbian emerald or a perfectly cut and selected diamond. I am with you from start to finish , to answer any questions and address any concerns you might have. You only deal directly with me, any request , any time.
  • Can I incorporate heirloom or sentimental gemstones into a custom jewelry design?
    Yes of course you can, I love working with sentimental gemstones and jewellery. The process of is very similar to that of making a new design.
  • Can I see a 3D rendering or mock-up of my custom design before it is produced?
    Yes of course, this is a very important part of the design process. It allows you to get an as accurate as possible idea of what it will look like before we finalise the design for production.
  • Can you really find any gemstone or diamond I want?
    If it exists and time allows, then yes. Through my extensive network of gemstone and diamond miners, cutters and dealers around the world I am able to source just about anything your heart desires and always at a very competitive price. I only accept fine quality, natural gems at a fair price and will most certainly be able to offer you the best value possible in the market. Most jewellers are limited in their options and only have access to what is immediately and conveniently available to them in their local area. This seriously limits your options and ultimately you end up paying too much for something common in every jewellery store window. I am able to find you that something special.
  • What payment methods do you accept?
    I accept payment by bank transfer in all major currencies as well as Stripe card payments and cash.
  • Can I customise an existing design or do you only create completely unique pieces?
    I can basically do whatever is physically possible, whatever you wish.
  • Can I chat directly to Clayton?
    Yes. Which ever form of communication you choose, whether it be an email, appointment booking, voice call or WhatsApp message, I will be responding to you directly.
  • What is the process for selecting a diamond or gemstone for an engagement ring?
    To put it briefly - I consult with you to understand your needs in terms of type, colours, quality and budget. I source according the above needs. I present option/s to you, you choose your ideal stone or we tweak step one and I source new stones accordingly. Once you are completely satisfied with your gemstone or diamonds we proceed on to the design process.
  • Can you really serve clients anywhere in the world ?
    Yes, in fact most of my clients are based nowhere near me. I am able to offer one on one personalised consultations in person, online or over the phone. Distance has never been a problem :-)
  • I have another questions not answered here
    Feel free to get in touch with me directly via telephone, WhatsApp or email. Visit the contact page for more.
  • Where are you based?
    My office is located in the beautiful city of Harrogate in the United Kingdom, I serve clients in countries all over the world and am able to offer a one of a kind bespoke service to anyone , anywhere.
  • What metals do you work with for jewellery creation?
    I mostly only work with gold and platinum.
  • How long does the custom jewellery design process take?
    Once we know what gemstones or diamonds you are wanting the design and jewellery making process will normally take between 4 and 6 weeks. Finding the right gemstones or diamonds can take anywhere from a day to a few weeks depending on availability, rarity and location.
  • Can you provide a certificate of authenticity for the gemstones or diamonds used in your jewellery?
    Most certainly, I only work with natural gemstones and diamonds which are independently certified by reputable laboratories for your piece of mind.
  • Do you have an office in London ?
    I regularly meeting clients in and around London for jewellery design and gemstone and diamond consultations. Get in touch to arrange.
  • How do I schedule a consultation with you?
    Get in touch via the contact page and I will take care of the rest from there. You are welcome to call, WhatsApp or email me directly.
  • Can you quote me on a design I have in mind?
    Yes, Most of what I do is bespoke design. Send through your ideas and we can discuss options to suit your wants and needs. If you are nearby you are most welcome to schedule an appointment with me at my office to discuss your dream ring. If you are further afield we can schedule a voice or video call. More than half of my clients are based in other countries and this method has proved to be just as effective as an in person meeting.
  • What sort of experience and qualifications do you have?
    I was exposed to the gemstone industry as a child through my father, so gemstones have always been a constant throughout my life. I qualified as a gemstone and diamond grader just over twenty years ago under the reputable South African gemologist Mac Mackenzie and accredited by the Jewellery Council of South Africa and started self employment as a gemstone trader and consulting gemstone grader and identifier. About ten years later I became a Graduate Gemologist through the GIA ( Gemological Institute of America) and completed most of my practical training at the GIA office in Bangkok, Thailand. I have spent the last twenty two years growing my network, perfecting my trade and expanding my knowledge into jewellery production and design. I can now offer a unique service which is complete from gemstone and diamond sourcing with access to the very roots of the trade right through to bespoke jewellery design and finally production.
  • Do you sell Moissanite and other synthetic gemstones ?
    No. I only source and sell natural gemstones and diamonds, and where applicable such gemstones and diamonds are certified as natural by reputable certification laboratories.
  • What is an FAQ section?
    An FAQ section can be used to quickly answer common questions about you or your business, such as “Where do you ship to?”, “What are your opening hours?” or “How can I book a service?” It’s a great way to help people navigate your site and can even boost your site’s SEO.
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