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The Art of Sneaky Engagement Ring Sizing: A Guide to Keeping the Surprise

Updated: Jan 9

So, you've decided to take the plunge and pop the big question. The only hiccup? You have to get that perfect engagement ring without blowing the surprise. Don't worry; I've got you covered. Let's dive into the art of discreetly sizing your partner's ring finger while keeping it all hush-hush.

Ring Sizing Tool -Clayton Delville
Ring Sizing Tool

1. Borrow Their Ring

  • One covert method involves borrowing a ring your partner already wears on the same finger of the opposite hand. It's like your partner is giving you a clue without even knowing it! Once you've got that ring, you can take it to a jeweller for sizing or, for added secrecy, send it to me to get the size just right.

2. Become a Human Ruler

  • Now, what if you can't "borrow" the ring without raising suspicions? Fear not, secret agent! Slip the ring onto your own finger and gently mark with a pen where it fits or stops. Then, visit a jeweller and have them size the marked line on your finger. You're one step closer to keeping that proposal under wraps.

3. Call in the Network

  • Sometimes, you need a little help from your partner's friends or family. Reach out to a close confidant who might know their ring size. More often than not, they've got the inside scoop. If not, they could always orchestrate a sneaky "window shopping" trip where your partner tries on rings, and voila, their finger gets sized!

4. The Midnight String Operation

  • Now, here's one for the daring and delicate. While your partner is in a deep slumber, some intrepid souls have attempted the "string operation." Carefully wrap a piece of string around their finger and mark where it meets. Just remember, you're dealing with some next-level stealth here, so proceed with caution! I would never be able to ge this right, but I have had a couple clients who have got this right, so good luck.

5. Ask the Oracle

  • Last but not least, sometimes the simplest approach works best. If you're confident your partner won't catch on, just ask them outright about their ring size. Some people are surprisingly oblivious to the impending proposal, and you might get lucky.

Remember, while these methods can be playful and inventive, the most important thing is the love and commitment behind the ring. So, use your secret agent skills wisely, and here's to a perfect surprise proposal!

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